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Welcome at Schenkeveld

Schenkeveld Vine tomatoes

A warm welcome to Schenkeveld. Richard Schenkeveld, Richard Hartensveld and Joost Barendse form the management of Schenkeveld together. Schenkeveld is a family business and that can still be felt at every location. Schenkeveld consists of five locations, one near Schiphol Airport and the others in the Westland region. We grow different kinds of tomatoes, from large to small. Schenkeveld grows tomatoes both with and without lighting, which enables us to produce tomatoes all year round. Schenkeveld stands for a passion for perfection. Achieving great performance with an eye for detail is embedded in our process. By investing in people and technology, we ensure an optimal business process. This is how we supply safe, perfectly reliable and tasty tomatoes of consistent quality all year round. That makes us happy!

The passion with which we work can mostly be summed up as:


Passion for optimization


Passion for growth


Passion for working together

What does Schenkeveld do?

Vine tomatoes are grown at all Schenkeveld locations. From large vine tomatoes to small vine tomatoes. Most locations grow their product under lighting. By using light/lamps, we cause the tomatoes to grow faster. It’s summer all year round in the greenhouse. Once a year we change crops. All plants are removed from the greenhouse, the greenhouse is cleaned, and new plants are planted. This is how a new harvesting season starts.

A tomato plant is planted at 30 cm, during the year the plant grows to about 16 meters, with about 38 bunches of tomatoes.

Schenkeveld is affiliated with Prominent. At Prominent the vine tomatoes are packed, and innovations are done. In most cases the tomatoes are cut directly into the customer’s packaging. That means the box goes straight to the supermarket. We can’t offer it any fresher.

In the greenhouse we strive for a biological balance. We use bumblebees for pollination and predators, parasites and micro-organisms as natural pesticides

Employees of Schenkeveld

A lot of people work at Schenkeveld. A number of our employees are permanently employed by Schenkeveld. They fill the positions of Location Managers, Cultivation Specialists, Team Leaders, Logistics employees, etc. In addition, there are a lot of production employees and students employed with us. Everyone who works at Schenkeveld is important to us.


In the greenhouse there are various activities: lowering, pruning, harvesting, leaf cutting and weighing.

Lowering: A plant grows between 20 and 30 cm per week. For optimal growth, all heads of the plants should hang at the same height and have an even distribution. We also lower the tomatoes so that they are at the ideal working height for harvesting
Pruning: Every 20 to 30 cm, a bunch will grow on the plant. To keep all plants equal, the last fruits of a bunch are pruned off. In addition, it is important that all bad fruits are cut off . That’s how a beautiful bunch is created.

Harvesting: Cutting the vine tomatoes from the plant using a pair of cutting scissors.

Leaf cutting: The older leaves of a plant will die off and will start to mold. Before this happens, we cut off the leaf.

Weighing: Before the tomatoes go to the end customer, the boxes are checked once more. It is important that all bad tomatoes and plant leaves are removed and that there is enough weight in the box.


By working hygienically, the biology of the greenhouse is maintained, and we keep viruses and/or diseases at a distance. We ask a lot of all our employees when it comes to hygiene. For example, we work with gates, gloves, disinfectants and work clothing. There are strict and clear rules about hygiene. We count on everyone to respect them and follow them.


Sustainability is something we are constantly working on. We use our raw materials, such as energy, sparingly. We generate electricity by means of gas turbine engines. CO2 and heat are released in the process. Everything is used to grow our tomatoes. Another important raw material is water. We recycle 98% of the water. In addition, we work together with the Water Board to buffer peaks in precipitation. Our greenhouses are built under green label. These greenhouses meet all environmental requirements. By optimizing processes, we can grow delicious tomatoes, using as few raw materials as possible. We do this organically as much as we can.

Vine tomatoes

Passion for product: With as few raw materials as possible, we grow perfect quality tomatoes that have the same reliable flavor all year round. That makes us happy!
Schenkeveld grows the tomatoes of Prominent, we currently grow large and medium sized vine tomatoes.

Schenkeveld is a member of DOOR Cooperation. All sales and marketing activities of DOOR Cooperation are carried out through the sales subsidiary DOOR Partners BV. The entire production of Schenkeveld is marketed by DOOR Partners BV.